About us

Here at A&B Apparel UK Limited we specialise in a range of professional services. From the moment the fabric lands on the table. With expert sewing capabilities and embellishments across an extensive range of garments, we can produce both fashionable and practical items of clothing and apparel to suit your needs or those of your business. Owners and brother and sister Ben Mattinson and Alex Radcliffe pride themselves on supplying both divisions of the business with a level of service that keep our customers coming back time and time again.

Classic Corporate Wear where we specialise in the supply and branding of workwear for small to mid-sized companies (10 to 2000 employees), and in the embellishment and personalisation of sports and casual clothing for schools and universities.

Tempus, combining our technical textile knowledge with our team of skilled designers and machinists to offer our own range of British made clothing for spa and beauty therapists.

A & B Apparel UK Limited is a family run business. The history dates back to the early 1930’s where as predominantly a glove manufacturer, the 3 brothers Bernard, Eric and Robert Mattinson, the Mattinson Brothers (based in Stockport Cheshire) cut their teeth producing lace gloves and delicate garments for companies such as the now high street brand Marks and Spencer.

As the second world war began, the company, now more expansive, turned its hands to making apparel for the British army and also developed a new skill in industrial glove making. This proved post war to be an invaluable new development and the company thrived throughout the decades producing industrial gloves for companies such as Massey Ferguson, Dunlop and Kellogg’s. Mattinson Brothers were even to design and make the first pair of gloves to make it to the top of Mount Everest, when Edmund Hillary wore a pair of Mattinson made Mitten’s to the very top of world.

Generations of Mattinsons thereafter have closely followed the trend remaining in garment and textile manufacturing, honing their craft through varying fabrics including the versatile PPE Flame Retardant fabric supplied by Flamsafe Ltd. This company was founded by Beverley Mattinson who developed and worked with technical fabrics to produce the first Anti Flash Hood protecting it’s wearers from heat and flames.

A & B Apparel UK Limited has been meticulously developed  by the grandson and granddaughter of  Robert Mattinson and son and daughter of Beverley armed with a wealth of knowledge and creative ability, utilising a fabulous team to help our customers find the styles and achieve the looks they want in a perfectly professional way with total peace of mind.





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